DriftArt // Markus Wörsdörfer


DriftArt – by Markus Wörsdörfer

Dates: Novermber 20th – December 23rd.
Venue: FotoZA Gallery

What happens when a piece of clothing washes ashore on a beach?

When sun, sand, wind and water, ebb and flow and begin playing with it. Shaping it, moving it around, washing it, tearing it, bleaching it.

When man and nature meet.

When we keep our eyes open to even the smallest details and let our imagination reign free.

Whether you look from a distance or examine closely, we will all see something different as our mind plays tricks on us. We imagine seeing that mystical creature, that couple dancing the tango or the wolf howling in the distance. We might see the knight on his horse or a smoking gun. A pair of prawns or a fish in the sea.

Take your time and let your imagination go crazy.

Weʼve all played the game were we look at a cloud in the sky and
imagine seeing a dog or a dragon, or maybe Mickey Mouse.
That is how I felt last year whilst walking on a beach in Zanzibar early in the morning.

My plan was to photograph the fishermen leaving with their dhowʼs. When suddenly, I came across a piece of textile sticking out of the sand that caught my attention.

At first I didnʼt know what I was looking at but the shape and color made me walk around it until I saw it. “Mmm, kinda looks like a fish.”

I photographed my ‘fish’ and continued on my walk, but
subconsciously I was already searching for my next piece of “DRIFTart”.

And so it began. During the next week I deliberately started looking for pieces of clothing, fabrics and paper that had washed on to the white beaches around the island.

This was not an easy task contrary to what one might think as the beaches are well kept on the Island. But I had time and what better thing to do than roam the beaches with my feet in the soft sand.

Over time my collection of photographs grew. To me it became much more than a piece of rubbish but rather a piece of art created by nature.

The beach is the canvas and the paintbrushes are the sun, wind, rain and the tide. Moving and working together to shape and create ‘DRIFTart’.

It couldʼve never been created the same way by man. I could merely capture and record it. And I hope that this selection of photographs inspires you to keep your eyes open for what ever nature puts in front of us.

Look close and let your mind drift away.

Enjoy your journey with ‘DRIFTart’.