#OvernightRush // Leica


The #OvernightRush is a project that brings together young photographers to celebrate film photography as a particular craft in the digital age, with the constraints of the medium aiding the creative process. The concept for the #OvernightRush grew out of a conversation about the romance of the past press film-photography workflows, where film was shot at a single event, and needed to be developed, processed and ready for printing the following day. In an effort to replicate this, the #OvernightRush was born.

The #OvernightRush team were given an opportunity to shoot SA Fashion Week 2017- Each photographer recieved one roll of 36 exposures to shoot on a chosen night. They did not use a flash and only worked with available light.

This edition of the #OvernightRush was sponsored by Leica, the iconic camera brand, and all photographers used one or other of the legendary M-Series Rangefinder cameras – a Leica M3, an M6 & two M7’s, an M10 and a Leica Q.

Dr Andreas Kaufmann, chairman of the Supervisory Board and majority shareholder at Leica Camera AG, summarised the history of the company as follows : ‘No other brand has so crucially shaped and influenced the past 100 years of photography like Leica has – by continuing to provide photographers with the best tools and superb lenses to match them.’ This history of precision and quality is clear from the fact that only Leica M’s were used, some of which were manufactured decades ago. The shots speak for themselves.

All hand printed works of the #OvernightRush would have been impossible without the incredible knowledge and experience of Dennis da Silva and Janus Boshoff of the Alternative Print Workshop. The APW is one of the last master hand-printing facilities in the world and is dedicated to historic chemical printing processes. Dennis has been printing by hand for over 40 years, and together they have both worked with some of the most significant photographers in South Africa for decades.

The exhibition will run from the 11th of Jan until the 28th of Jan

Date: January 18th
Time: TBC
Venue: FotoZA Gallery
Dress: Smart Casual
Admission: Free