Photographer Unknown // Group Show

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December 6 - January 31st

A photographic group show as an experiment in collecting art.

Photographer Unknown explores the idea of an exhibition where the photographer and the image are not linked. You will know who the photographers participating in the show are, but not whose images belong to who. 

What would prove interesting is to view the photograph without knowing who took it, how famous they are or how much the print is worth. In other words, your appreciation would be based solely on the image in front of you and whether it moves you or not.

As a collector, you could walk away with the print of a very well-known photographer, or you could invest in the career of an up and coming photographer. Either way, it is a win for both collector and artist. Once you have purchased the image you will then learn the identity of the photographer for that image. 

During the exhibition, we will allow people to guess the identity of the photographer and these conjectures will be posted online, along with the photograph in question, as the show continues.

Exhibitions, ours included, are normally serious affairs with guest speakers, panel discussions and reviews. With Photographer Unknown, we are trying to lighten things up, to make art less intimidating and to get the public more involved. 

Let the games begin.

The participating Photographers:
Brent Stirton
Tshepiso Seleke
Mark Lewis
Jake Brink
Siphiwe Mhlambi
Kim Ludbrook
Lauren Mulligan
Zara Julius
Curtis Gallon
Alexi Portokallis
Cale Waddacor
Justin Dingwall
Hannelie Coetzee
Gille de Vlieg
Gérard Rudolf